Open Source

Caerketton Tech believe in Open Source! We developed and maintain several open source libraries, and our software is used by some of the world’s most important internet companies.

Open Source

It’s almost certain that your communications have passed through Caerketton Tech’s open source software – whether it’s email that’s come through the Apache JAMES server, or visiting a domain that’s been signed with OpenDNSSEC.

Indeed, our software is used by some of the biggest internet companies to help test their systems, as well as many of the world’s largest domain registries.

Our dnsjnio library has been used in many high-load systems, including the Apache JAMES mail server.

Our dnsruby project was used in the development of OpenDNSSEC, which helps secure the global DNS. Dnsruby is still used by many of the world’s largest internet companies and domain registries, some of which contribute back to the project.

Where possible we prefer to use open source software in our projects, and are familiar with a wide range of some of the most popular projects.

Open Source