People love our friendly and intelligent approach! We pride ourselves in being able to simplify complexity, and are able to hit the ground running with interesting projects.


We combine extensive expertise in impressive experience, and love nothing more than to solve interesting problems. We can run projects externally, or offer our expertise on your site if required. We have a great deal of experience with globally distributed teams.

Projects are normally in the R&D space – from initial consultation through design and implementation of prototypes. Care is always taken to make the design as simple and elegant as possible. This is complemented by test-driven development, giving a rapid feedback cycle with the design as the project progresses, as well as a well-tested final prototype.

Our work has ranged from design and implementation of data warehouses, cutting edge computation systems, ticketless train travel and distributed collaborative virtual reality.

Clients have included FreeAgent, Stockopedia, NUM Technology, Constructive Labs and many more.

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As well as general software design and implementation, we specialise in certain areas : check out our Big Data, DNS and Mobile services!